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I’ve been told SOOO many times how "messed up" my body is.

“You probably shouldn’t play competitive sports again.”


“This is the most unstable knee I’ve ever assessed.”


From my Mom, a longtime nurse: “If they did an MRI of your body, they’d bury you.” She’s not wrong.


I tried changing my behavior, but the “smart” training/rehab the health and fitness industry told me would help...


Simply. Didn’t. Work.


Time after time, I was sent down another spiral of pain, hopelessness, and desperation... until I found my truest spark of hope.

I first learned about CARs (Controlled Articular Rotations) at the Functional Range Conditioning seminar in New Jersey. Holy shit.

That weekend, January 2016, I re-learned everything I knew about biology and physiology from a brand new lens.

I started believing that SIGNIFICANT positive change was possible if I put in the work consistently.

And with a few months of consistent effort doing very specific exercises, I felt better than I had in years. YEARS.


As I experienced my new reality first-hand, I began using the principles with my clients. I blended these teachings with my positive outlook and previous knowledge to help my people radically transform their mindset, their attitude, and their bodies.

I am grateful for my pain, my diagnoses, my ugly images, because they implored me to learn and grow. They forced me to either change, adapt, or shrivel.

They brought me where I am today, and undoubtedly, they’ll keep teaching me lessons moving forward. 

But what does this have to do with YOU?

Well, I'm glad you asked :) 


Or, at least, I'm glad you've read this far.


I just launched my new Smile Mobility Membership  specifically for people who want to take their body to entirely new heights.


As a member, you will have access to Live Online Kinstretch classes, dozens of pre-recorded classes, plus specialized performance courses.

Here's a Preview of What's Inside

Click the smiles for FREE sample videos!

CARs Before Coffee

Short Daily Movement Doses to keep your joints consistently feeling good.

DeskMaster Mobility

An educational video series to help your body master long work hours.

Live & On-Demand Classes

Mobility/flexibility classes you can join for accountability and engaging training.

Running & Cycling Courses

Designed to prevent injury and improve performance for the novice or expert athlete.

5 New Videos Per Week.

Updated Weekly.

Updated Weekly.

Large Library Available.

Revamped Every 3 Months

So What Else Do You Get?

Mobility Video Library

Access to several courses, regularly updated videos, and tools to assess and improve each joint.

Access to the Smile Community

You get instant access to my private Facebook group and live classes when you become a member.

Resources to support you, whether a beginner or elite athlete

Get regular access to me and my resources - if you're consistent, I guarantee you WILL see positive changes in health, pain-management, and performance.

Dio Vujich

"That was the most creative and intense exercise I’ve done in a long time. You've completely changed the way I think about training myself and my clients.


I’m loving the workouts, brother.

What Clients Say

Ana Craig

"I trained with Brian for 5 years. During that time, I went from being weak, having a poor self concept and bad nutrition to becoming an athlete — strong, fierce and confident.


"Just finished doing the hammy/flexor workout! I loved it! Especially the hovers.

My favorite part of your videos is your positive attitude. It never fails to turn my grimace upside down.



Access to large video library

Live Online Classes

Private Facebook Group

Inuitive Mobile Access



Access to entire video library

Live Online Classes

Private Facebook Group

Bonus Material



Access to all content for entire family.

Private Facebook Group

Bonus Material



make your body smile

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