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This is a truly wonderful world, but I would love for overall happiness and wellness to be more abundant. For a multitude of reasons, we are plagued with physical pain and mental/emotional unrest. There are so many contributing factors to happiness and wellness, and this site provides me an opportunity to share my passion and joy with you, and the steps you can take to feel better for the long term!

Play, Movement & Helping People

I am Brian Nevison, a mobility specialist, personal trainer, and athlete. Play, movement, and helping people make positive life changes are my greatest passions. I’ve found that sharing my own experiences and mindsets, and reflecting upon them has allowed me to connect with and inspire people in a profound way.

How I Can Help

My ultimate goal is for you to be happy, feel good physically and mentally, and possess the tools to continue working toward your goals. The coaching I offer is influenced by many different areas (mobility, weight training, athletic performance, play) but your needs, your goals, and your interests will dictate the nature of our sessions together.

Melissa Marshall

Brian is an inspirational and effective trainer. Sessions are upbeat, fun, and get results. He's awesome!

Ana Craig

I trained with Brian for 5 years. During that time, I went from being weak, having a poor self concept and bad nutrition to becoming an athlete — strong, fierce and confident.


You made a better impact by always being so positive. As someone normally negative, you got me to start a gratitude journal and it's been amazing and helped me focus on the positive.

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