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Make Your Body Smile

Surgeries, torn muscles and ligaments, broken bones, chronic pain and inflammation. I’ve had it all. Focused mobility training has allowed me to regain a health body, and given me the freedom to express myself completely. That's what I want for you too!

Treat your body right with my Smile Mobility Membership. The mindset, techniques, principles, and skills I’ll be sharing are the same ones that have helped me and my clients reduce pain, while drastically improving quality of life and physical performance. 

The Smile Mobility will help you regardless of age, training experience, mobility/flexibility, and goals. In addition to my BS in Kinesiology, Strength & Conditioning Specialist Certification, and several invaluable certs from Functional Range Systems, I've done over 20,000 personal and group training sessions in the past 10+ years. Some people I've trained for 5+ years, others a single time. Everyone who has followed these principles and strategies consistently has seen positive change.

What's included:

  • CARs Before Coffee - your daily doses of feel-good movement and positivity.

  • Live Online Kinstretch Classes weekly

  • Access to Private Facebook group with extra content and support.

  • ​Cues, progressions, and regressions that allow you to adjust to your ability.

  • ​A place where you can learn to feel and perform better, physically and mentally :)

  • Bonus written, audio, and video resources to continue your education and stay motivated.

Still thinking? Consider this...

I often post videos based specifically on member feedback - reach out to me anytime via email!

The amount you are willing to put into this membership will dictate how much you get out of it. 

I'm here for you!

If you give the membership an HONEST and CONSISTENT effort and are unsatisfied:

                 Email me directly, maybe we can come up with a solution.

                 If you're still unhappy, I'll refund your money.

Brian Nevison

I am a kind, empathetic, goofy, playful person, a Personal Fitness Coach! Play, movement, training, and helping others make positive life changes are my greatest passions. I have 9+ years professional experience training people of all ages and ability in one on one, group, and team settings.

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