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Making Meatballs (A Lesson in Habit Change)

Like experienced hands cupping a raw meatball, our environment shapes us.

Unlike the meatball, we do have some say in what the hands do, and how we respond to them.

Let’s talk fitness this morning (imagine that 😜)

Side note: it’s ALL fitness. Mindset, habits, social awareness, physical health…they’re inextricable.

Anywhoo let’s say you want to be more consistent with your breathwork, or your CARs Before Coffee

Maybe you’re having trouble being consistent or getting started with the habit.

You feel like you can’t control the hands at all, they mold you to their will. No quiet time, not enough space, too busy with kids, pets, or work.

That’s real. There are a few fingers of each hand that may prove too stubborn. But how ‘bout that thumb?

Can you downsize a dresser, or rearrange to carve out your own little padded mobility spot?

Can you organize your living room or kitchen (or ask you family to help) so you’re met in the morning with a room that invites you to practice your CARs?

Instead of it demanding that you tidy up. Sooo easy to focus on cleaning instead of that new habit you committed to...

Or start even smaller. Maybe you tape a smiley face on the fridge and every time you see it, take two long, slow breaths.

Remember, environment isn’t just about things, people play an enormous role too.

The neat thing is, there are always more options for controlling those hands and fingers than we think. Start super small, explore those teensy things you can do to encourage the habits you most want.

There are so many tiny (often subconscious) factors in our environment that influence our behavior. You can change those little things to your advantage :)

The (other) neat thing? Wow, get ready – when we establish lasting habits, it’s like we’ve become a partially cooked meatball. We’re capable of maintaining most of our shape even with extra pressure from the hands.

A change in environment won’t necessarily knock us away from our healthy (or unhealthy) habits. We’ve developed resilience.

Just remember, if you want to re-mold your partially cooked meatball-self…a significant change in environment is the best way to make it happen.

Starting small, gaining greater motor control of a couple fingers is a smart – and often necessary – step if you have a lot of fixed uncontrollables.

But anytime life throws you a big change in environment (moving, job change, etc.) it’s an incredible opportunity to take inventory of and change—or reinforce—your habits.

I’ll leave you with this: if you’re trying to make habit and lifestyle changes and they just won’t stick, start by being kind and patient with yourself.

And ask: have I tried changing anything about my environment? Or have I been using the exact same hands to mold my meatball, hoping for a different shape?

Anyone else hungry?

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