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Who Am I?

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

You already know something about me, I presume (there's a little write-up in the "About" section). But I am going to spill out a bit more, because I want you to know and trust me. I mean, really, why should you listen to me and trust what I have to say?

You SHOULDN'T! Not without knowing more about me and my background...and my intentions. Even so, it's best to take everything I say with a grain of salt - not everything is for everyone, but I do believe I can help you in some small way at the very least. And that's why I'm here :)

So who am I? What am I? We'll start simply:

I am a lunatic:

I'm hyperactive, I love exercise and movement, and playing and expressing myself (especially physically). I will chase a ball, or frisbee, or other inanimate object until my legs and lungs give out. Because I love it. It makes me smile. There is something inside me that just wants to GO! Always.

I am very rational:

Umm what?! That's right! I read a lot of research, I pay attention to science, I learn a ton from other smart professionals, and there is a rhyme and reason to the majority of my training. That still leaves plenty of time for play and exploration: during which I allow for purposefully un-purposeful movement (well it has a purpose, and that's to make me happy).

I sometimes do things that I probably shouldn't, but most of the time I'm well aware of the risks and choose to do it anyway. Rational. Of course when a ball or disc takes flight I'm quite prone to bouts of severe lunacy, and though it seems to happen often, this behavior actually doesn't comprise an enormous percentage of my overall movement. The amount of mobility and recovery work I do justifies my "outbursts" to a degree. It's no accident that 70% of my training is mobility work.

I jump quite often, but do not jump to conclusions. I try my best to see all sides of something: an issue, an exercise, a mindset. Then learn and experience things for myself if applicable, before reacting or weighing in.

If I am training you or telling you to do something, you can bet there's a DAMN good reason I'm having you do it. Just ask! You might disagree, and that's totally cool! We'll discuss.

A quick story:

When I was younger, while watching football games, I would bounce my little football off the wall during a kickoff and try to make it bounce back to me end over end. I'd catch it and explode into the living room, spinning away from chairs, leaping across rugs, and flipping over couches until I arrived at the other end of the house (where we had another TV) in time for the next play.

I'd also insist that my brother take a running start and tackle me from my blindside in the living room...because it was awesome! This went on all game, every game. As my recent roommates can attest to, some of it still goes on :)

Then, I'd have a snack. Peanut butter and raisins on toast. I'd apply the raisins very carefully, nine of them in three even rows, so that each bite contained one raisin and exactly the right amount of peanut butter toast.

This is me in a nutshell. Lunacy and rationality are not mutually exclusive. It is okay to be both, and I'd argue that you SHOULD be both, just in the right contexts.

I am damaged (who isn't?), and it's pretty great:

For how much I throw my body around, I'm blessed to have the functionality I have right now. I've had many injuries to my ankles and knees, chronic achilles pain, tears in my hip, chronic back and hamstring pain, chronic shoulder pain and dislocations, and far too many concussions. (edit: shoulder surgery now too!)

The pain from a relatively young age - and unwillingness to be less active and intense - has forced me to learn more, explore more, and grow more. As a trainer and as a person. It has been slow at times, as I've been resistant to changing my ways, but it has truly all been worth it. Why?

It led me to learn all I could from fitness pros like Eric Cressey, Mike Boyle, Gray Cook, Dan John. It eventually led me to the brilliant Dr. Andreo Spina, and I attended multiple Functional Anatomy Seminars (where I got FRCms and FRAs certified).

I always wanted to help others, but my pain and consequent frustration drove me much further than I would have gone otherwise. I learned from very smart people how to feel better mentally and physically, and developed my own strategies as well. Now I want more than anything to share that with as many as possible.

There will always be set-backs, I'll still get injured and do things wrong, and I'll never be finished learning (it is insane how much I don't know!) but that doesn't mean I can't give back and share from my experience thus far.

How about that experience? Just for kicks:


  • I have a BS in Kinesiology from Penn State University

  • I am a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) by the National Strength & Conditioning Association

  • I am a certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) by Functional Anatomy Seminars

  • I am a certified Functional Range Assessment Specialist (FRAs) by Functional Anatomy Seminars

  • I am a licensed Kinstretch Instructor by Functional Anatomy Seminars

  • I am a Certified Speed and Agility Coach by National Sports Performance Association


  • I've been a personal trainer for 8+ years, during which time I've done somewhere around 14,000 training sessions. This was mostly one on one sessions (at One on One Fitness in State College, PA) and also included group training, small group training, and training a couple local sports teams.

  • I've conducted conditioning and mobility sessions for various Ultimate Frisbee teams over the years - I LOVE team settings, lots of fun!

  • More recently I started Kinstretch Classes - focused group mobility work for all ages and abilities.


  • I played football (my first true passion), ran track, and played Ultimate Frisbee in high school

  • I continued playing Ultimate Frisbee (with a football mindset) throughout college and up to the present.

  • I love most sports and constantly create new games to play!

Ah, next up, my intentions...what are they?


  • I intend to make you smile. If I could charge for training in only smiles, I'd do it! But, alas, smiles tend not to pay for food or rent. Someday...

  • I want to help. As much as possible. Through my experience in fitness, wellness, positivity, I hope to share some valuable information, lessons, and strategies that will help you feel better and be happier.

  • My dream is to earn enough (and be smart enough with my earnings) that I can go around training and inspiring people completely free of charge. I don't WANT to charge anyone. So in the meantime I'm going to share as much helpful content as I can!

  • Soon I hope to get out to more companies and schools to give presentations on fitness, wellness, and positivity/mindset.

So that's more about me. More on my mindset soon. Feel free to chime in and let me know what you think! Can you relate? Maybe share something about yourself if you're willing.

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