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12 Weeks to Boost Athletic Potential

Smile Performance Program

Get the most out of your training without an enormous time commitment

After feeling like I was just putting more and more wear on my body each year and feeling worse, Brian has helped me stay healthier while getting stronger. My highlight was shaving 5 min off my Olympic tri time to finish under 2:20 after not being able to swim train all year which would not have been possible with focused mobility work. Brian has put together an awesome product and I could not recommend this more.”

Alex, NY

Jacob, CA

“The mobility training I’ve done with Brian has been 100% imperative for my ability to perform at the highest levels of my sport (ultimate frisbee).

Lyndsey, PA

“Have really enjoyed both my personal training sessions with Brian, as well as the Kinstretch classes! He’s kind, helpful, patient, and super knowledgeable about his craft. Highly recommend!”

Patty, PA

“Brian you are an amazing trainer and I have never felt better since working with you and implementing FRC into my routine! While our sessions are hard, you make them fun and easy to incorporate into my routine!”

Who's My Coach?

Hi! I'm Brian, and I'm running this training program.

You'll get regular direct access to me through Slack, group calls, and for any questions or support - I'll be here for you. I'm personally writing up and guiding you and our group through The Program.

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Thanks for your interest!

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